Neshaminy Shore Picnic Park
13 Beaver St.
Hulmeville, PA 19047

Does Neshaminy Shore Picnic Park offer group photos?

The park DJ is a separated entity from the park and we are not affiliated with him in regards to group photos.  We are not responsible for photos.  Use at your own risk.

Is Neshaminy Shore Picnic Park open to the public?

No, you must make a group reservation to come to Neshaminy Shore Picnic Park. Please see:  packages for more info on what we offer groups or contact us if you want to check availability, or have a representative get in contact with you. MINIMUM GROUP SIZE IS 40 GUESTS

Swimming Pools & Children with Pink Wristbands

Our lifeguards are here to help, but cannot take the place of a parent or guardian in supervising your child.  This is the primary responsibility of the parent or guardian.  Always stay in close proximity to your child and supervise his/her activities.  Know where your child is at all times.  A lifeguard or life jacket can never replace the watchful eyes and direct supervision of parent/guardian.

Children wearing a pink wristband may not enter the main pool, water activities pool or gate pool without a parent or Guardian. Parent/Guardian must be at the pool with the child.

Can we bring our own food?

No, Neshaminy Shore Picnic Park functions as an all- inclusive picnic park. We provide food and beverages for the entire day. You will need an admission ticket with pre-purchased food package to enter the park. Dry packaged foods such as pretzels, chips, and cookies may be brought in, no food to be prepared at the park is allowed in. If you have an individual with particular food needs, arrangements could be made, please contact the office. NO CATERED FOOD CAN LEAVE THE PARK.

Can I bring a cake?

Yes, you can get a cake through us, or bring your own. We will put your cake in our walk-in refrigerator if you’d like, and can bring it out to your tent when it’s time to celebrate. Please label your cake accordingly if you’re planning on having us hold it for you.

Is Parking Free?

Parking is free at Neshaminy Shore Picnic Park. Once you arrive you will be directed by our parking attendants as to where you should park. Please follow the directions of the parking attendant, they are helping to make it possible for guests to enter and leave the park grounds freely and safely. You will be wristbanded upon entry of the park, so if for any reason you have to leave, you can re-enter the same day just by showing your wristband.

Does park rent wheelchairs or scooters?

If anyone in your party needs a wheelchair or scooter, they must bring their own. We do not have them on site to rent.

Important Points to Remember

–No pets are allowed on the property.
–Events will be held rain or shine or a rain date can be scheduled (please contact the office to see if your events has been postponed).
— Absolutely NO food to go. Our food products may or may not contain gluten.
— Groups must vacate premises immediately following event.
— Sneakers must be worn on the rock climbing wall and gyro ride.
— Weather conditions may limit availability of some of the activities.
— No fighting, foul language or obscene gestures — this is cause for removal.
— Swim suits must be worn to go into any pool. NO jean cutoffs, cotton t-shirts or shorts allowed. We allow nylon or polyester material. NO floatation devices are permitted in pools, NO rafts, NO water guns, NO arm swimmies are allowed but anything marked as “this is a life saving device”, can be worn in the pools . Swim diapers are required on all non-toilet trained children going in a pool. NO running on concrete area around the swimming pools.
— Please confine eating to your picnic area, NO eating in swimming pools. NO gum in-around the pools. NO standing in paddle boats or canoes. NO food or beverages allowed in paddle boats or canoes. NO swimming in the creek.
— All sporting equipment used at your own risk. In order to use the sporting equipment an ID MUST be left with the attendant and once the equipment is returned, the ID will be given back.

–We do not have a private room for breast feeding mothers.